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6, Apr, 2015

The European Institute of the Sea:
(IUEM) is a multidisciplinary organization whose objectives are:
• Increase knowledge of the marine world,
• Study and observe the interactions of the marine world with the atmosphere and the continental areas,
• Train researchers and managers in these areas,
• Contribute to the observation of changes, natural or manmade in this environment.
IUEM has three complementary missions that are mutually enriching:
• Research: Six laboratories (UMR joint research units)
• Education: Master “Sciences sea and coast” and Graduate School of Marine Sciences
• Observation: Observatories of inshore and offshore areas within a joint service unit (UMS).
IUEM is an internal school, a major component of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). It includes all the laboratories of the UBO, they fall Sciences of the Universe, of Life Sciences or Humanities and Company, whose research topic is related to sea and coastlines. IUEM is an Observatory of Earth Sciences and Astronomy (OSU), dependent on the National Institute for Universe Sciences (INSU / CNRS). The Guardianship Service IUEM joint units are UBO, CNRS and IRD. The UMR IUEM has guardianship as UBO, CNRS and, according to the laboratories, Ifremer and / or IRD.

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