Logbook – Tuesday 2nd June
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2, Jun, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Since yesterday the sea conditions have put on weight: the swell rose and grain passages are numerous. The night has been a bit hectic and our master did not sleep much, despite the many volunteers to take shifts!

We are in a high pressure area, protected by a powerful anticyclone, but that does not prevent the downpour! The crew worked hard despite the rain. At the end of each grain, we rush to open the windows and ventilate the boat before it turns into pool.


To boost the morale of the troops, our chef Fred redoubles pastry ingenuity: outbreaks bananas, orange cream and pineapple cake for today! Apart from her kitchen, sailor Fred is also professional. He will leave for a transatlantic Martinique / Bordeaux with his boat on his return from the expedition.

We are in the gyre, guided by Mercator Ocean for choosing our sampling stations. The next station is situated a little to the west of our current situation. We are already seeing the presence of microplastic but are looking for more highly concentrated plastic areas.

This year we are linked with schools, like last year, via the Water Agency Seine Normandie, our partner. An educational caravan travels along the Seine River, upstream to downstream, in order to sensitize youth to the problem of plastic waste. Today we could exchange videoconference with Sense of students who had cleaned some of the banks of the Seine: we thank the Earth Expedition team 7th Continent for his involvement in educating the younger generation!

Soon for the new board!

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