Logbook – Sunday 31st May
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31, May, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Night navigation was held under the abundant grains, making us feel very small (and all wet!) On the vast ocean where the eye has no limits. Vigilance is necessary anyway because the area is crowded with cargo!

We will be in the gyre in a few hours. The amount of plastics has increased microphones in our samples extracted from plankton nets.

Now zoom to the manipulation in which is used Niskin bottle.


Niskin bottle is a scientific tool that allows the collection of sea water to a depth chosen by the operator. The bottle is closed with a “messenger”, small weight launched from the surface along the rope connected to the device. It is used to remove water which is then filtered to study nutrients and phytoplankton (plant plankton), at the base of the marine food chain. 6 samples per day are made, corresponding to 6 hours of filtration per day!

Left for 3 weeks without refueling no possible way we save scrupulously fresh water: dishes and showers are therefore to seawater! What a pleasure sailor drinking his morning coffee with a light salty taste!

We wish a happy birthday to all our moms Martine Catherine, Danielle, Alison, Gaétane, Elise, Jacqueline, Maryse, Anne and mothers of our children Tatiana, Beatrice, Corinne and Anouchka.

Stay tuned for news of the gyre.

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