Logbook – Sunday 14th June – Up to 250 micro plastics by line manta net
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14, Jun, 2015

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Hello everyone!

After nearly a month of sea, 7th Continent shipping is back to the Caribbean! We are tonight 250 miles north of Guadeloupe, still upwind.

We hardly observe more plastic during our manipulations (except waste macro) but we have full coffers boat!

Alexandra actually reported 18 of litter found on our journey, cut into 80 pieces to be analyzed for the kind of life that developed there and pollutants. They will be divided in several laboratories.

We pulled plankton nets more than 70 times and thus recorded the microplastic that were there before packaging them for analysis. In the gyre we reached amounts close to the hundred and even once up to 250 per tow microplastic Manta net. We bring back more than 380 samples, which will mobilize researchers and several laboratories for the year to come.

Until tomorrow!

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