Logbook – Saturday 13th June – Exit of the Gyre, an area of strong accumulation of microplastics
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13, Jun, 2015


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Hello everyone!

We found the upwind sailing (navigation to the nearest sailing wind) and life is the most hectic once on board! The boat house more as the swell has put on weight.

Since we left the gyre we go less plastic in our plankton nets than previous stations. For example, today we found a dozen microplastic (less than 5 mm) after pulling the net Manta 1/2 hours, while two days ago we had ascended about 250. This illustrates the fact that plastic is accumulated in these circular current areas. If out of sight …

During our meetings of litter, we can observe each time the presence of some fish (sea bream, triggerfish, kingfish …) very attached to their surface shelter. They do not even try to run away when we recover the object to mount the board. It is this technique that is used by the offshore for some species of fish (eg tuna fisheries). The ships cast off offshore FADs (fish aggregating device) intertwined ropes, cables, either floating or fixed to the bottom. They returned a few days later, when the DCP has become a place of gathering fish. Several hypotheses exist on the role of these FADs offshore environment for fish: Screens / gathering places for the fish of the same species (! A sort of nightclub for fish), creating a new ecosystem.

We have more fresh food on board, but the cook Fred still has full of ideas for us to discover new dishes: scones with prunes, coconut cake …

Martine, happy birthday from your son Laurent!

Until tomorrow!


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