Logbook – Monday 15th June – Arrival planned on thursday morning at the Marin port
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15, Jun, 2015

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Today we ended scientific component of gyre off the last station to compare the different settings. A relief for the whole team. We conducted each day from day two stations and one night. Routine work and difficult, but absolutely essential for our protocols.

Tomorrow Tuesday, June 16 we will have a technical stop in Guadeloupe, which is distant 240 km. The Guyavoile needs fuel, water to continue his journey on Martinique. We estimate an arrival to Thursday, June 18 in the morning on the port of Marin.

On the crew’s faces we can read some satisfaction and pride in work well done. For Patrick the head of mission, the expedition is still a big step forward, both in the area of ​​awareness, education and scientific level. “Unfortunately, we are the only French expeditions to go there in order to make an observation of the situation, our work is paramount to making a collective consciousness. Our scientific component will still further light on this issue. But the work is far from finished plastic to reduce our impact on our environment. Every citizen of the Earth must be on deck to carry this message. Then together, continue to roll up our sleeves!

The crew can not wait to set foot on land, synonymous with a return to earthly life that you appreciate even more after spending one month on the high seas!

Thank you to you and keep supporting us

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