Logbook – Friday 12th June – Back in 5 days
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12, Jun, 2015

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It’s been 24 days since we left Fort de France in Martinique. We sum over 2500 km from the start. The team has yet to take five days before putting a foot down and enjoy a nice hot shower.

Morale is always there, especially as we are about to return. The faces are marked by fatigue and sunburned. A month and a half of living in a very small space requests all (ten crew members) a constant effort of discipline, listening, attention and support. The moments of intimacy and isolation are only the moments spent in our berth before being woken up for our quarter socket!

But nothing in the world we would leave our place on board. We are aware of being eyewitnesses damage by man to the marine ecosystem in spaces so far men. Dozens of filled plastic bottles found in the sea back with us. React, protect, be responsible of nature which we all depend.

Shearwaters leave us as and measuring our progress towards the south, after 15 days of assiduous pursuit of the boat!

Until tomorrow!

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